Corporate Social Responsibility

What is CSR? Why do it? And who do you choose?

Working in partnership with a charity can be one of your most cost effective marketing tools, as well as giving you that warm feeling from having helped improve lives.

CSR is not about handing over a cheque necessarily. You can add value with your time, skills, resources and / or knowledge. You might be able to give a charity an old pc you no longer need, invite them to an event you are holding, retweet their tweets, share a desk / meeting room space.

A good CSR strategy will develop relationships that are mutually beneficial to both charity and business partners.

CSR is something very close to my heart, it’s not just something I believe in, it’s something I do. Catching Waves’ chosen charities are David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Save the Children, Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth region, UK.

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So what are the benefits?

  • Don’t underestimate the feeling you get from having a purpose to which you can apply your skills / knowledge and help a charity to make a real difference to others – people / animals, or the planet!
  • PR opportunity
  • Increased awareness, likability and trust of your brand that comes from you helping others, not selling your products
  • Share marketing costs from a campaign / event
  • Access to a charity’s supporters and contacts – through email marketing, events, social media and more
  • A CSR policy on your website adds to your credibility – with new customers, existing customers, new recruits and your employees

Who do you choose to partner with?

  • A cause you believe in!
  • People you like and trust
  • A charity that is in line with your vision, your brand and moral values and your customers and employees’ values too
  • Ideally someone who shares the same kind of target customer persona as you do
  • Ideally a charity with a natural fit with your services although this is not essential

If you need help choosing a charity to work with to deliver cost-effective CSR marketing, get in touch for a free initial one hour consultation.