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Marketing is connecting with people, understanding their behaviours, feelings and motivations and persuading them to take action. And then building relationships of mutual benefit.

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Story telling and symbolism are two powerful marketing tools and I introduce these here with a bit about me, Lin Armstrong, Founder of Catching Waves.

Before studying for a Diploma in Marketing, I read English Literature and History at University and I would also sneak into philosophy, psychology and politics lectures when I could. ‘Knowledge is power’. And learning through stories, fiction and non fiction, is nothing new..

I have worked all of my career for large corporates including those listed below and this has given me a wide range of experience at a sophisticated level, of  how to do marketing very well and how not to do marketing! I’ve learnt from corporates’ mistakes and successes. I’ve learnt how to target communications effectively to recruit new customers and how to manage relationships to keep them. I’ve learnt how to create innovative PR and how community and charity presence can enhance your brand and build credibility, likability and trust. I’ve learnt how to ‘be the customer’, in everything that you do.

It was whilst working in banking and volunteering for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, that I first felt the satisfaction from winning a big donation for the charity, and realised I was not following my purpose in life. I wanted to use my marketing skills to make a real difference to people. I enjoy helping people to realise their power to achieve whatever they set their hearts and minds on, through clarifying thinking, focusing on priorities and taking action.

I swapped a commute on the MI to do my best thinking from a wooden office in my garden on cold days and a hammock on sunny days. I love coming up with original and exciting ideas for businesses and charities on how to promote their products and services and their story. I believe every office should have a hammock and a dog, or two, or three. And I work from my clients’ offices whenever I can too. I become part of the team and that way I can understand who they are, what they do and get things done quickly and effectively.

I live in Warwickshire with my children and my dogs and I actively support some key campaigns for the rights of animals, children and women in particular. Writing a book is on my long ‘do it’ list. I believe people can achieve great things, if they believe they can make a small difference. And that the best thing you can do is to find your purpose and just be you.

Why Catching Waves?

My children came up with ‘waves’ after we had a brainstorm session. Their brief (in return for as much Italian food as they could eat in our favourite restaurant), was to think of as many things as they could, to describe marketing. Children are great lateral thinkers, we seem to lose that somewhat as we become adults. With ‘waves’ they met my definition of what Marketing is, spot on:

“Marketing is about connecting with other people, getting the right timing, choosing the right customer, going in the same direction. It’s repetitive, you have to practise to do it well, sometimes you’ll fall on your face and you have to try again and again until you get a result. Success is fun and rewarding. It can be a real thrill. Every customer is different and the market changes too, so you have to constantly adapt and refine your approach. The best marketing is constant, it never stops. And you become skilled at knowing who your best customers are and anticipating their wants, needs and aspirations. Your customers lead your marketing. And your marketing needs to communicate who you are, what you stand for and tell your story. ”



I worked with Lin at Carewatch for three years and always found her to be of the highest integrity and a pleasure to work with. Lin is a creative person, yet is able to plan and manage better than most. Our professional working relationship and friendship made working together both fun and productive.

Tracy Steel

Carewatch Care Services

Catching Waves Associates

Reena Hawkins

Reena Hawkins


I am a CIM qualified Marketer with over fifteen years of experience in this field. I have worked for a number of Entertainment companies including Merlin Entertainments Ltd and Warner Brothers, managing budgets of all sizes and ensuring company objectives were achieved.  I specialise in strategic marketing planning, project implementation and event organizing.

I relocated to Warwickshire with my family five years ago and started my career over again. I met Lin through business networking and we have worked together ever since. I really enjoy working with Lin on some of her projects and diverse range of clients. It’s always an exciting challenge to get your head around a new industry /service and help create and implement a workable marketing plan.



Sarah Sarkies

Sarah Sarkies


I specialise in creating WordPress web sites and delivering WordPress training. I love what I do, and I think that shows in the work that I produce. Trust and integrity is pivotal in everything that I do, and everything else flows from there.  I’m an experienced project manager and have had a varied career encompassing IT system design, analysis, support, application development and training.

I work with Lin on improving her client’s websites to improve their marketing, whether that be implementing a Google Analytics strategy, working on SEO or key marketing messages. It’s always fun working with the Catching Waves team, and delivering work with a strong marketing focus is really satisfying. Great ideas often come through collaboration and discussion, and we do get through a lot of coffee and croissants in the process!

Are you telling your story?

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